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Las Vegas: where to stay

Where tostay in Las Vegas? Accommodations? If you are a lone traveller, a small or large family or even a group, in Las Vegas you can find several types of accommodation for youur hiliday in search of high interest areas.
The accommodation in this area have had positive reviews from the tourists a total of 1,357,657 times, 11,847 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 885 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good.
In Las Vegas you can find 4,772 apartments, 1,240 hotels, 4 b&bs, 1,360 indipendent homes, 216 villas, 16 hostels and much more.
Every need can be fulfilled thanks to the multitude of services that are available for you. Pool, Pets Allowed, Kitchen, Spa and Parking are the best features in the accommodation in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas and the best offers per the best accommodation

Las Vegas is a touristic destination where the accommodation has an average cost of 215 pounds per night.
If you have limited time and you love last minute holidays, you can organize a weekend in Las Vegas and find holiday homes and apartments with great low cost offers particularly in the month of July. The best lowcost weekend is the one that stats from 18/07 to 25/07.
If instead you are planning a medium or long term holiday, the best low cost week is in the month of August from 08/08 to 15/08.

What to see in Las Vegas

The best accommodation in Las Vegas can be found near the major interest points.

Only a few km from the centre you can find 6,388 available accommodation at the best price: 4,772 Apartments, 4 B&Bs, 1,240 Hotels, and much more.
A Las Vegas furthermore, much of the available accommodation is close to the major attractions of the city: 4,772 Apartments, 4 B&Bs, 1,240 Hotels, and much more.
Below you can find the best apartments only a few km from the centre and close the major attractions of the city.

Las Vegas: What's the weather like?

Las Vegas: are you wondering about the weather you might find during your holiday? Befor organizing a holiday we always think about the wheather we might find when we get there. In Las Vegas the average yearly temperature is 23°C. During the hottest month, which in this case is July, the temperature can get up to 36°C.
Instead the coldest month is January, reaching a minimum temperature of 11°C.

Nearby cities

LAS VEGAS: the Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas, or more commonly just known as Vegas, is one of the greatest wonders of the modern world in terms of opulence, entertainment value, gambling haven, and more. Visitors can expect that their every unique need will be catered to and anticipated, whether or not people are visiting for a conference, party getaway, or even a retreat.

A memorable city unlike any other in the world, known for its lights that never turn off and the grandeur of all the casinos, hotels, clubs, and restaurants on the strip, the only downfall of a visit to this iconic place is that it leaves visitors reluctant to sleep, less they miss Dolly Parton or Elvis walking down the street!


The Strip

The Strip is the heart of Las Vegas, a straight road of which either side is lined with awesome hotels and casinos that stretch as tall as skyscrapers. For those who want to experience the classic Las Vegas vibe and energy, this is the place to be. Vacationers can find a wide range of hotels to stay at, ranging from five star diamond palaces to places that are more economical further down the strip. Travelers who book ahead can enjoy many deals and discounts on their hotel stays, but last minute adventurers can always expect to find a room; Las Vegas’s frequent hosting of large conferences means that even in the busiest of seasons the city can always accommodate everyone who wants to visit.

West of the Strip

West of the strip is a little bit more quiet, for those who want the freedom to be able to dip in and out of the main Vegas experience. This area is a little more urban, with more family restaurants, small businesses, and it’s where many of the people who work on the strip live. It’s known for its much more economical hotels, its cozy and sweet bed and breakfasts, and for being much more family friendly than the typical Vegas experience of gambling and showgirls.


To truly experience Vegas as a local, stay outside the city in Primm. Located about 25 minutes away from the Strip, Primm is a sweet little city that Vegas natives go to for shopping, and Californians will stop at for a slightly less insane Vegas experience. It’s hotels may not be as flashy or decadent at the ones on the strip, but they’re much more cozy, and apartment rentals are very common here as well.


Obviously walking down the strip and taking in the flashing lights and large fountains is not to be missed. Best known as being a playground for adults, visitors are encouraged to gamble, go clubbing, and partake in many other salacious Vegas activities such as burlesque shows and strip clubs.

To get the best out of your vegas experience, we recommend placing a bet at one of the iconic casinos along the strip such as the Bellagio, Palms, or Caesar’s Palace. Afterwards, go dancing at one of the clubs known for celebrity spotting such as Tao or XX. Grab a steak at one of the celebrity-hosted restaurants, and catch a concert of one of your favorite musicians such as Bruno Mars, Celine Dion, or Elton John.

Those who wish to explore outside the city’s traditional offerings will be surprised to know that Las Vegas is home to quite a few museums such as the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum, and the Pinball Hall of Fame. For the outdoorsy who are itching to get their feet on the ground are encouraged to explore the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, both of which are just a quick car trip away.


The weather in Las Vegas is predominantly hot and dry. We highly recommend that those who are planning to walk around the strip wear sunscreen and pack light, loose clothes.

At night, the valley tends to retain the heat, making for a cool yet cozy evening temperature. Bring cocktail dress clothing and comfortable heels, it’s very common to spend the evening walking over the numerous sky bridges and down the strip, visiting each hotel, casino, and nightclub in turn. If you are traveling during the winter and plan on staying out late, plan on bringing a light jacket just in case.