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Where to stay in Boston? B&Bs? Hostels? Accommodations? If you are a lone traveller, a small or large family or even a group, in Boston you can find numerous types of accommodation.
The accommodation in this area have had positive reviews from the tourists a total of 508,178 times, 10,311 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 1,164 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good.
In Boston you can find 5,797 apartments, 286 hotels, 99 b&bs, 852 indipendent homes, 6 villas, 6 hostels and much more.
Every need can be fulfilled thanks to the multitude of services that are available for you. Pets Allowed, Pool, Kitchen, Spa and Parking are the best features in the accommodation in Boston.

Boston and the best offers per the best accommodation

Boston is a touristic destination where the accommodation has an average cost of 284 pounds per night.

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In Boston, the best accommodation near the sea can also be found near the major interest points.

Only a few km from the sea you can find 6,184 accommodation options available at the best price: 5,797 Apartments, 99 B&Bs, 286 Hotels, and much more. Below you can find the best apartments near the beaches.
A Boston, furthermore, much of the best accommodation is close to the best beaches in the area: 229 Apartments, B&Bs, Hotels, and much more.

Boston: What's the weather like?

Boston: are you wondering about the weather you might find during your holiday? Befor organizing a holiday we always think about the wheather we might find when we get there. In Boston the average yearly temperature is 14°C. During the hottest month, which in this case is July, the temperature can get up to 27°C and the temperature of the sea reaches 19°C.
Instead the coldest month is January, reaching a minimum temperature of 0°C. Here instead the water temperature drops to 4°C.


How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Boston?

To stay in a B&B in Boston costs on average 284 pounds per night, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Boston

What is the best time to go to a B&B in Boston?

To be honest all periods are good to go to a B&B in Boston. Here is a link where you can find the best offers of B&Bs in Boston

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The best accommodation options for families with children in Boston are the B&Bs and here you will be able to find a number of options

Which are the best accommodation options for who travels with animals in Boston?

The best accommodation options foe who travels with animals are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of options

Can I find a B&B with parking in Boston?

In Boston you can find many accommodation solutions with Parking. The best are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of solutions

Can I find wheelchair accessible accommodation in Boston?

In Boston you will be able to find different types of accommodation that are wheelchair accessible. The B&Bs could be right for you. Here you can find a selection of solutions


Boston is a cultured community for the highbrows and the scholarly. The city let the visitors enjoy a diverse sort of entertainment in the span of 24 hours. The intellectual institutions, historical sites, waterfront views and streets most suitable for leisurely strolling make Boston a city for everyone–even the nerds.

Boston ended up centre stage in the American History and it has left its marks prominently. Boston is a lively city with its streets bustling with students and tourists, bars and restaurants crowded and even the street strolls are fun with all spirited and bubbly crowd swarming it.


Boston is home to diverse neighbourhoods where everyone can find an area they like best. You can consider the following lovely neighbourhoods for a short stay in Boston:


The young and wild ones will love this neighbourhood as it is nearest to the universities and is always bustling with the vigorous crowd of students. Some of the best apartments in Boston are located on the Harvard Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, and Brighton Avenue if Allston.


Boston is known as a city with history by the water and Charlestown is one of the neighbourhoods that let you experience this history. Home to the Irish culture, Freedom Trail, Naval History and the Bunker Hill Monument Charlestown is right on the banks of Boston Harbor and the Mystic River.


Brighton is located on the banks of Charles River and is one of the most peaceful and welcoming neighborhoods of Boston. With its condos, family homes and new shops, Brighton is perfect for a family’s short stay in Boston.


Freedom Trail:

Freedom Trail in Boston let you have a walk into history–literally. It is a 2.5 mile long trail that leads the trackers to sixteen sights with historical significance. On the path, there are also restaurants, kiosks and bars that allow the vacationers to stay full as they discover and learn history in the place where it started.

John F Kennedy Museum:

The life and death of President John F Kennedy was a unique one. This JFK Museum in Boston let the visitors a chance to mediate and learn various aspects of Kennedy’s life and works. Outside of the museums, is standing Kennedy’s own yacht.

The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

Even though the admirable treasures are inside the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, the outside of the institution is equally impressive. The dramatic facade of the institution is perched on the Boston Harbour and exhibits some of the best works of contemporary artists.


January in Boston is one of the coldest months and July, the warmest. For vacations in Boston the most suitable time is the late spring and fall. May and August are the months where the entire Boston is seen with blooming flowers and thriving foliage. Those looking for some beach vacation can choose Boston in summers.

Being a very diverse city, Boston attracts all sorts of crowd including that of historians, cerebrals, party goers and simple strollers. It’s smarter to book your vacation rentals in Boston way ahead of time. If you fail to do so then make sure to check out the last minute offers as a last resort.