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YORK: The Greatest City in the North

York is a city that is known for enchanting and surprising many visitors with its complete charm, medieval history, beautiful outdoor spaces, and accessibility. York is an ideal weekend getaway for visitors from all parts of the UK, being ideally situated almost two hours north of London and two hours south of Edinburgh.

Brimming with historical points of interest starting with the beautiful and ancient walls that surround the city, York also brags that it has the most pubs of any city in England, making it a place to visit for history buffs and beer connoisseurs alike. Visit to explore, to have a wild weekend of debauchery, or something in between. York is the place for you. 



Most visitors to York will want to stay in within the city walls in order to maximize the experience of this historic city. A host of quaint bed and breakfasts and small, personalized hotels makes it easy for even last minute weekenders to visit York. We highly recommend staying near the Shambles, which was recently voted one the most attractive street in the UK. Known for its shopping during the day and nightlife in the evenings, visitors staying near here will need not fear of missing out on any of York’s cultural offerings.

Bishopthorpe Road

For the intrepid traveler who wants to explore outside of the city walls, Bishopthorpe Road is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in York. We highly recommend a vacation rental in order to fully experience York as a local, and to visit any of the numerous cafes and pubs in the area. Also, take advantage of this neighborhood’s proximity to the Millennium bridge riverside walk, which is just a short jaunt away.


The artsy and musical alike will want to check out Clementhorpe, which was named one of the most attractive neighborhoods to live in within the UK. Previously a boring suburb, a fresh influx of artists, modern cafes, and studio spaces has livened up the area and infused it with new energy. Check out some of the smaller eco-hotels or a bed and breakfast so you can mix and mingle with the newest and latest in hip entrepreneurs and artists in York.


York is best known for having a fresh take on historical adventures, and nothing shows this more than a quick walk around the city’s walls. Also helpful for orienting any travelers who’ve lost track of where their hotel is, the city walls of York are a good start for exploring this historical city.

York Minster is the biggest gothic medieval cathedral in Northern Europe and it sits in the heart of this beautiful city. Visitors must visit it for a look at ancient life in Northern England, and artists will appreciate the Great East Window, which is often considered the stained glass equivalent of the Sistine Chapel.

Those interested in military history will need to visit Clifford’s tower, the mound and old keep are all that remain to tell a gruesome and bloody history of York Castle. Those who are faint of heart or enjoy a more modern take of city explorations are encouraged to walk down the Shambles for shopping experiences of all shapes and sizes, and those with a sweet tooth must visit the area’s numerous chocolate factories and museums for a taste of something truly delicious.


Expect it to be very wet in York with an average monthly rainfall of about 70 centimeters. However, despite the damp the location of York is ideal for hiding the city from the harsher northern winds in the winter. Expect the winters to be mild and the summers cool.

It’s not uncommon for it to snow in December and January so visitors are advised to pack warmly. Don’t let the cold weather get you down though, the city walls generally protect the central parts of the city from any harsh winds, and the plethora of pubs, cozy restaurants, and shops in the narrow lanes and streets of York make getting cozy all the more pleasurable after a day out in the cool weather.