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Sheffield: where to stay

Where to stay in Sheffield? B&Bs? Hostels? Accommodations? Even if you are a lone traveller, a small or large family or even a group, in Sheffield you can find various types of accommodation.
The accommodation in this area have had positive reviews from the tourists a total of 102,469 times, 2,206 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 228 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good.
In Sheffield you can find 1,077 apartments, 60 hotels, 19 b&bs, 541 indipendent homes, 14 villas, 7 hostels and much more.
Every need can be fulfilled thanks to the multitude of services that are available for you. Pets Allowed, Pool, Kitchen, Spa and Parking are the best features in the accommodation in Sheffield.

Sheffield and the best offers per the best accommodation

Sheffield is a touristic destination where the accommodation has an average cost of 92 pounds per night.
If you have limited time and you love last minute holidays, you can organize a weekend in Sheffield and find holiday homes and apartments with great low cost offers particularly in the month of July. The best lowcost weekend is the one that stats from 25/07 to 01/08.
If instead you are planning a medium or long term holiday, the best low cost week is in the month of July from 18/07 to 25/07.

The main interest points and what to see in Sheffield during your stay

The best accommodation in Sheffield can be found near the main interest points. The unmissable interest points are:

  • Peak District National Park
  • Stanage Edge
  • Peak Cavern
  • Peveril Castle
  • Longshaw Estate

Not far from the centre you can find 1,177 accommodation available with the best offers: 1,077 Apartments, 19 B&Bs, 60 Hotels, and much more.
Below you can find the best apartments near the centre.

Sheffield: What's the weather like?

Sheffield: are you wondering about the weather you might find during your holiday? Befor organizing a holiday we always think about the wheather we might find when we get there. In Sheffield the average yearly temperature is 13°C. During the hottest month, which in this case is July, the temperature can get up to 21°C.
Instead the coldest month is January, reaching a minimum temperature of 7°C.
The wettest month is January, during which we can predict 14 days of rain.


How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Sheffield?

To stay in a B&B in Sheffield costs on average 92 pounds per night, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Sheffield

What is the best time to go to a B&B in Sheffield?

To be honest all periods are good to go to a B&B in Sheffield. Here is a link where you can find the best offers of B&Bs in Sheffield

How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Sheffield this weekend?

Which are the the best B&Bs for families with children in Sheffield?

The best accommodation options for families with children in Sheffield are the B&Bs and here you will be able to find a number of options

Which are the best accommodation options for who travels with animals in Sheffield?

The best accommodation options foe who travels with animals are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of options

Can I find a B&B with parking in Sheffield?

In Sheffield you can find many accommodation solutions with Parking. The best are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of solutions

Can I find wheelchair accessible accommodation in Sheffield?

In Sheffield you will be able to find different types of accommodation that are wheelchair accessible. The B&Bs could be right for you. Here you can find a selection of solutions

SHEFFIELD: City-Breaking Through the Looking Glass

Sheffield is one of our favorite and underrated cities to visit in the UK. While bigger and more well-known cities may dominate ideas about city-breaks or quick weekend getaways, it is Sheffield that often captures our hearts the most on our travels. A charming post-industrial city, there is so much to offer to visitors within its limits that vacationers who don’t have the time or budget for a large trip will be delighted to find such a treasure so close to home.

Visitors will be charmed by arguably one of the nicest cities in the North of England, not because the people there are any nicer or more gracious, but simply because the lack of pretension or competitiveness means that Sheffield is a perfect place to get away from the daily grind of other British cities, for a chance to be charmed and captivated.


St. Paul’s

For those who want to be within walking distance of all of the best things that Sheffield has to offer, we highly recommend they stay downtown in the St. Paul’s neighborhood. Close to the very large Moor Market, the largest in town in fact, for delicious food, handmade goods, and even fresh flowers. Stay in a trendy boutique hotel here, as they’ve recently become a very popular way of experiencing the city, or rent a flat in one of the new high rise developments nearby.


Those who want to experience Sheffield but still want a break from the city should try out Fulwood. A suburb about three miles from the city center (although it is still easily accessible via public transport) Fulwood is a beautiful neighborhood perfect for families with children; with its beautiful streets and large houses. Just outside of this neighborhood is easy access to Peak District National Park, which offers beautiful vistas of moors that stretch out for miles and miles. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast here, or even venture to go camping/glamping if you dare!


While it’s a bit of a posh neighborhood for those who are residents of Sheffield, Dore is a beautiful place to stay for your weekend break or holiday. Affordable, family friendly, and with easy access to beautiful outdoor spaces, this place is also of extreme historical significance: purportedly the first king of England was crowned here in 829! Stay in an Bed and Breakfast or a small boutique hotel in order to maximize your experience of this beautiful place.


While Sheffield may at first glance seem to be a sleepy postindustrial town, we beg to differ. The Winter Garden, is the biggest glass building in Europe, and is beautiful to visit year-round. Theatergoers who can’t afford London prices will be delighted by the Lyceum and Crucible theaters, whose performances always get rave reviews, and often perform previews for the stages in the West End. A partnership with the V & A, combined with the impressive cutlery and silverware collection in the millennium galleries means that visitors will be able to appreciate and experience history, art, and flora all in one place.

The medieval Anglican cathedral and the city’s medieval castle have been undergone major restoration efforts in the past several years, which makes Sheffield a gorgeous place to visit and experience England’s history.


Generally, June to September is the best time to visit Sheffield, with average temperatures of 15 degrees celsius and very little rainfall. However, if you don’t mind perhaps packing a heavier jacket, we highly recommend stopping by in early April and May, when the flowers are all in bloom. Sheffield isn’t known as the U.K.s greenest city for nothing; visitors should definitely check out the beautiful large gardens and of course, the Winter Garden.