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Liverpool is an highly sought after destination by tourist from the whole world. The 362,322 reviews for all the accommodation in the area are the proof: 4,696 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 688 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good. Reading these reviews you can learn about the best accommodation by the sea, with the best reviews in Liverpool.
The best accommodation solutions in the area are numerous. Over a total of 3,498 accommodation, it's possible to distinguish 3,258 apartments, 190 hotels, 96 b&bs, 1,348 independent homes, 5 villas, 2 farmhouses, 35 hostels and much more. Amongst these you will be able to find the best offers for the best solution for your needs, wether you decide to go alone, for a romantic get-away, or with a group of friends. The end goal is an unforgettable holiday in Liverpool.
Every type of accommodation at this destination displays a range of services that will adapt perfectrly to your requests: Wi-Fi, Parking, Linens Provided, Kitchen, Pets Allowed and much more. The choice is yours.

Liverpool: How much does accommodation cost?

How much does holiday accommodation cost in Liverpool? On average in Liverpool it is possible to find accommodation solutions for an average cost of 109 pounds per night.
The price is the main influence for the traveller. If you are looking for accommodation in Liverpool, it coulld be useful to know that the low season period where you will be able to find the most amount of accommodation at the best price is in the month August, particularly in the week that spans from 07/08 to 14/08.
The high season period, where you can find the right compromise between amount of accommodation and low cost fares is in the month of July, in the week that spans from 24/07 to 31/07.
At the end of you trip planning it could be useful to know that, the average cost for a weekend night is 162 pounds. The weekend with the best prices is in the month of July, from 30/07 to 01/08.
Instead for a longer stay, the best weekly prices in Liverpool cost on average 763 pounds. The week with the best prices is in the month of July from 31/07 to 07/08.

What to do in Liverpool

In Liverpool, the best accommodation near the sea can also be found near the major interest points. The unmissable interest points are:

Only a few km from the sea you can find 3,498 accommodation options available at the best price: 3,258 Apartments, 96 B&Bs, 190 Hotels, and much more. Below you can find the best apartments near the beaches.
A Liverpool, furthermore, much of the best accommodation is close to the best beaches in the area: 33 Apartments, B&Bs, Hotels, and much more.

Liverpool: What's the weather like?

Liverpool: are you wondering about the weather you might find during your holiday? Befor organizing a holiday we always think about the wheather we might find when we get there. In Liverpool the average yearly temperature is 12°C. During the hottest month, which in this case is July, the temperature can get up to 18°C.
Instead the coldest month is January, reaching a minimum temperature of 5°C.


How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Liverpool?

To stay in a B&B in Liverpool costs on average 109 pounds per night, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Liverpool

What is the best time to go to a B&B in Liverpool?

The best period to go to a B&B in Liverpool is during the month of July, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Liverpool in the best periods of the year

How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Liverpool during the high season?

To stay in a B&B in Liverpool during the high season costs on average 114 pounds per nigh. Here you can find a link to the best offers for B&Bs in Liverpool in the high season

How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Liverpool this weekend?

Which are the the best B&Bs for families with children in Liverpool?

The best accommodation options for families with children in Liverpool are the B&Bs and here you will be able to find a number of options

Which are the best accommodation options for who travels with animals in Liverpool?

The best accommodation options foe who travels with animals are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of options

Can I find a B&B with parking in Liverpool?

In Liverpool you can find many accommodation solutions with Parking. The best are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of solutions

Can I find wheelchair accessible accommodation in Liverpool?

In Liverpool you will be able to find different types of accommodation that are wheelchair accessible. The B&Bs could be right for you. Here you can find a selection of solutions

Nearby cities


It’s quite contradictory to imagine Liverpool as a port city at one hand and a centre of European Culture at the other. However, it’s neither difficult nor impossible to imagine Liverpool as both for the ones who have been there. Once there, you too will realize how perfectly the two fit together - like well-crafted puzzle pieces.

Liverpool sure is an ambidextrous city, while other cities are known for one standout feature Liverpool is known for many. If Liverpool is one of the most successful footballing cities in England, then it also holds the title of being the Capital of Pop by the Guinness book of Records. If it has one of the largest ports, it’s railway with Manchester city was also among the firsts England. And then it is graced with the largest cathedrals in England in addition to being home to buildings that are particularly important historically.


Those planning for a short stay in Liverpool must make sure to enjoy every second of it. From lodgings to travel, everything should be well planned. Look into the following neighbourhoods for comfort and convenience.

Home to the Fazakerley train station, this neighbourhood may be devoid of any major attractions but is a comforting and convenient place to stay for a short while.

Orrell Park:
Orrell park is a small neighbourhood but with a large number of residential opportunities.

Kirkby Town Centre:
A hubbub of shopping centres, this neighbourhood is perfect for the shopping enthusiasts. The neighbourhood is going through some major redevelopments.

Some other neighbourhoods in Liverpool include:

Vauxhall Liverpool
Baltic Triangle
Sefton Park


Once you have booked your choice of vacation rentals in Liverpool, make sure to pen down the following places in your itinerary. You sure won’t regret it.

International Slavery Museum:
Slavery is a major dilemma for the whole world and it has its fair share of negative impact on Liverpool as well. This museum showcases Liverpool’s’ struggles with slavery and its impact through some very vivid exhibits.

The Liverpool Cathedral:
This Cathedral is enough to strike the onlookers speechless with its beauty and greatness. One of the finest examples of gothic architecture, the Liverpool Cathedral is the largest in England and the fifth largest in the whole world.

The Williamson’s Tunnels 
People do strange things for strange reasons, just like Joseph Williamson who spend monstrous amount of money to fund the construction of labyrinths of tunnels around the city in 1800. Whatever his reasons, it sure is a great place to get lost in.


The city of Liverpool enjoys a moderate maritime climate. Being a port city with natural water body, the summers in Liverpool are warm rather than hot and winters are mild rather than freezing, however come prepared for some snow. The most fitting time to visit the city is between spring and summer. The weather is pleasant enough to allow strolling down the coastal city and enjoy the mesmerizing views and cultural centres. Rainfall is yearlong and evenly spread out.

Apartments in Liverpool are a hot commodity so before you they all run out scavenge a good one for yourself. Moreover, if you have arrived late to the scene then you can check out the last minute offers, as they might have something in store for you.