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In and around Blackpool the tourist multiple has at disposal a number of types of holiday accommodation for holidays by the sea, for a lone traveller, a small or large family or even a group.
Blackpool offers: 1,589 apartments, 570 hotels, 547 b&bs, 426 indipendent homes, 6 villas, 6 hostels and much more by the sea.
The accommodation in this area has positive reviews: the tourists have written 2,440 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 428 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good, over a total of 197,978 reviews.
For your stay in the gorgeous destination Blackpool, the best features are Parking, Pets Allowed, Wi-Fi, Kitchen and Linens Provided.

Blackpool: the best offers for the best accommodation and holiday homes

How much doeas it cost to stay in Blackpool? The more economical accommodation in Blackpool has an average cost of 80 pounds per night.
For a weekend low cost in Blackpool, instead, are available different offers at a low cost cost around 94 pounds per night. The cheapest weekends anre during the month of November. If instead you were interested in holiday homes or apartments, for medium long stays, the best weekly offers low cost in Blackpool have an average weekly cost of 565 pounds. The week with the lowest prices are in the month of February from 29/02 to 07/03.
If you want to organize a holiday in Blackpool during the low season, where you can enjoy the destination without the hectic turism, August is the best month. The week with the highes amount of accommodation available at the best price is from 22/08 to 29/08.
If instead you are looking for the high season, the highest amount of accommodation available with the lowest price is in the month of April, during the week that spans from 02/05 to 09/05.

What to do in Blackpool

In Blackpool, the best accommodation near the sea can also be found near the major interest points. The unmissable interest points are:

Only a few km from the sea you can find 2,181 accommodation options available at the best price: 1,589 Apartments, 547 B&Bs, 570 Hotels, and much more. Below you can find the best apartments near the beaches.
A Blackpool, furthermore, much of the best accommodation is close to the best beaches in the area: 1,667 Apartments, B&Bs, Hotels, and much more.

The weather forcast in Blackpool

Blackpool: during the year, the average temperature throughout the year is around 13°C. The coldest period of the year is in the month of January where the temperature can drop to 7°C. The hottest month of the year is instead in July where the maximum temperature can reach 19°C.
The wettest month of the year is November where there can be up to 16 days of rain.
The water temperature, during the hottest months can reach an average of 17°C, during the coldest months it can drop to 6°C.


How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Blackpool?

To stay in a B&B in Blackpool costs on average 80 pounds per night, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Blackpool

What is the best time to go to a B&B in Blackpool?

The best period to go to a B&B in Blackpool is during the month of April, here is a link where you can find the best offers for B&Bs in Blackpool in the best periods of the year

How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Blackpool during the high season?

To stay in a B&B in Blackpool during the high season costs on average 90 pounds per nigh. Here you can find a link to the best offers for B&Bs in Blackpool in the high season

How much does it cost to stay in a B&B in Blackpool this weekend?

Which are the the best B&Bs for families with children in Blackpool?

The best accommodation options for families with children in Blackpool are the B&Bs and here you will be able to find a number of options

Which are the best accommodation options for who travels with animals in Blackpool?

The best accommodation options foe who travels with animals are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of options

Can I find a B&B with parking in Blackpool?

In Blackpool you can find many accommodation solutions with Parking. The best are the B&Bs. Here you can find a selection of solutions

Can I find wheelchair accessible accommodation in Blackpool?

In Blackpool you will be able to find different types of accommodation that are wheelchair accessible. The B&Bs could be right for you. Here you can find a selection of solutions

BLACKPOOL: The Historic Resort by the Sea

Blackpool has been a favorite for resort goers for years, and for good reason. A beautiful balance of value, traditional seaside resort vibes, and a newer tradition of eclectic activities and sport, Blackpool has a little bit of something for everyone.

A city without pretension, visitors can expect that Blackpool is ‘what it says on the tin,’ a beautiful town for a relaxing weekend getaway, a party-filled vacation of a lifetime, or a family-friendly trip that children and parents alike will treasure for years.


Blackpool is conveniently organized into three big areas, each of which offer a distinct and unique flavor of the coastal town, ensuring that all visitors and tourists can find the right fit for their vacation needs.

North Shore

North Shore is known for being one of the more quiet and residential neighborhoods of Blackpool Head this way if you’re looking for a bit of a breather and a trip that takes you away from it all. Even though it’s quiet, it boasts some of the best and poshest hotels and bed and breakfasts in Blackpool, making it a place of rest and relaxation for the body and mind, as many of them offer spa packages for you to pamper yourself with. If you do get out to explore, the North Shore promenade is one of the quietest ones, ensuring that you’ll have a peaceful experience of the best this city has to offer of its coast.


Central Blackpool is a must for party goers, as this area hosts the nightlife hub of the city. Visitors staying in the center can expect a vibrant and colorful scene as soon as night hits, with many people only going home to their hotels or vacation rentals when the sun is coming up.

During the day however this neighborhood is wonderfully family friendly. Explore the Central area of Blackpool for the main attractions Blackpool has to offer. It also hosts one of Blackpool’s oldest residential areas, a must for explorers and amateur historians who are curious about the development and history of the region.

South Shore

South Shore is one of the favorite neighborhoods for everyone who is visiting Blackpool, boasting the busiest section of the shore and the best areas of the Promenade, peppered with busy shopping areas, some of the best restaurants, and one of the biggest parks in the country, Stanley park. For a little bit of everything, turn your attention to this wonderful neighborhood, which, despite it’s business, is still host to incredibly affordable beachfront hotels and vacation rentals, offering even those who choose to stay in for the weekend a delicious view of the action.


Luckily, visitors to Blackpool can pool their sightseeing energy by purchasing a Blackpool Big Ticket, which gives explorers access to Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, The Tower Circus, Jungle Jims, Sea Life, The Blackpool Tower Eye and the Ballroom. However, visitors to Blackpool who are only in town for the weekend or a shorter trip can pick and choose any of these activities to experience individually.

We highly recommend a trip to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon for those who are interested in the darker sides of Blackpool’s history. The tours will leave you with a delicious shiver in your bones. Nearby, explorers can find the Tower Ballroom, for a richer and more romantic glimpse of the glamor and grandeur that still defines Blackpool’s identity as a seaside resort. 

The active and outdoorsy are encouraged to take a long walk down the promenades of Blackpool, and of course to explore the piers. In particular, the Golden Mile which stretches between the North and South neighborhoods can keep visitors entertained for hours with its array of penny arcades, night clubs, ice cream bars, and more!


Blackpool may not be as well known as other cities in Europe for having good weather, but nevertheless you’ll find mild temperatures here year round. Visitors can expect to find unusually temperate conditions despite its location in the North of England. More mild than Scotland while avoiding the scorching weather of Spain or Greece, this coastal town is most inviting for those who want to play on the beach or explore the pier without fear of sunburn or overheating.

To avoid the rain, we recommend visiting in the spring between the months of March and May in order to maximise the chances of beautiful weather for your weekend city escape or beach vacation.