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In Amsterdam it will be possible to stay pleasant. Hostels? Accommodations? The destination Amsterdam offers numerous alternative accommodation options inthe majour interest points, that answer everybody's needs: for who travels in a group, as a couple, with the family or alone.
Over a total of 17,631 accommodation, it's possible to distinguish 16,173 apartments, 796 hotels, 864 b&bs, 1,370 indipendent homes, 12 villas, 94 hostels and much more. Every alternative is equipped with a vast range of services that wil allow for a more alluring stay between your choices. The best features in Amsterdam are: Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Linens Provided, Non Smoking Only and Pets Allowed.
The world's tourists appreciate Amsterdam. Would you like to know which is the best accommodation with the best reviws in Amsterdam? The best types of accommodation according to the tourists are Hostels. Proof is the multitude of reviews that each of them has written. 41,543 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 2,971 reviews with a score of 8.0 Verry Good, over a total of 1,379,769 reviews.

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Amsterdam, low cost holiday? Here's what to do. It can be easy to organize a low cost long term or weekend holiday in Amsterdam by knowing that: for long term stays, the best weekly low cost offers in Amsterdam have an average cost of 1,227 pounds, instead for a low cost weekend in Amsterdam, there are low cost offers available with an average cost of 213 pounds per night.
The cheapest week is in the month of November from 21/11 to 28/11.
In Amsterdam it will be possible to find accommodation solutions at an average cost of 175 pounds per night.

What to see in Amsterdam

The best accommodation in Amsterdam can be found near the major interest points.

Only a few km from the centre you can find 17,631 available accommodation at the best price: 16,173 Apartments, 864 B&Bs, 796 Hotels, and much more.
A Amsterdam furthermore, much of the available accommodation is close to the major attractions of the city: 16,173 Apartments, 864 B&Bs, 796 Hotels, and much more.
Below you can find the best apartments only a few km from the centre and close the major attractions of the city.

Amsterdam: what to know

Amsterdam: are you looking for accommodation near the centre or easily reached on foot? Here you can find the best B&Bs, Hotels, Holiday Homes and Apartments walking distance from the centre.

Amsterdam and the best accommodation near the centre


A compact city with a population of over 850,000+ people, Amsterdam is laced by impressive quarters and lanes. Easy to get around, one can never really know what they will discover next –a local shop selling velvet, a hidden garden, a Jenever distillery, a small street cafe, a gabled building that looks more like a painting, or an old monastery that has been turned into a musical venue. One can feel the time slowing down despite the hustle bustle on the streets. There is something very intimate about a trip to Amsterdam which makes you feel at home. It actually wishes that you feel homely by making their rental apartments in Amsterdam available. Such short let rentals in the form of condos, apartments and homes allows tourists to really get an insight of what it feels like to become permanent members of the community, even if for short amount of time. All in all, it is a place where people come to forget all their worries and Amsterdam makes sure they do!


The Jordaan: it is well-kept and picturesque, with an electric fusion of new and cool, quaint canals and welcoming streets.
De Pijp: Bursting with small shops, vibrant streets, markets, hidden cafes and bars, this neighbourhood guarantees tourists convenient access to the authentic local life of Amsterdam.
Oost: A neighbourhood for those with a young heart, Oost is the perfect place to stay in when vacationing with family. The lush greenery covers the neighbourhood as far as the eyes can see and offers easy access to nearby recreational spots.

Some other noteworthy places for a short stay in Amsterdam include:

Museum Quarter
Canal belt
Oud west


The best places to visit and see while staying at vacation rentals in Amsterdam include:
1. Anne Frank Museum: The house where Anne Frank breathed her last breaths has now been turned into a museum and holds some of her most memorable belongings.
2. Heineken Factory: The perfect place to learn the origin and making of one of the most famous beers in the world.
3. Van Gogh Museum: An art lover’s heaven, it houses the legendary artist’s greatest masterpieces.
4. Vondelpark: The largest park in Amsterdam, this is the perfect place to relax after a day’s worth of sightseeing.
5. Rijksmuseum: A top-class museum that houses some of the best works from the Dutch Golden Era.


With an oceanic climate, thanks to its proximity to the North Sea, winters in Amsterdam can be too cold. On average, January and February are the coldest of months where temperature falls as low as -1°C and as high as 5°C. Summers are comparatively hotter with an average temperature of 22°C –July and august being the warmest. Amsterdam experiences an annual precipitation of about 838 millimetres on average.

If you’re planning a short stay in Amsterdam, make the most of last minute offers on vacations rentals in Amsterdam. These short let rentals allow for tourists to truly experience Amsterdam like a local and make the most of their holidays.