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Paris is the go-to destination for all honeymooners and love birds of the world. The culture, vibe and architecture have made it the most romantic city of the world. Whenever you hear someone plan their honeymoon or some romantic getaway, France tops the list, and more specifically, Paris. It is quite densely populated and has the most people residing in it in France. It caters to people from all walks of life but keeps the Parisian vibe so distinguishable. It has many ethnicities and cultures making it somewhat of a melting pot as well.

Paris prides itself on its considerable history of art, culture, fashion, food, language, architecture and just about everything a country and its people should have.  You would see artists displaying their works on the streets or decked out masterpieces in the art galleries.

You can experience the gastronomic wonders from Michelin star restaurants or enroll yourself in a culinary course in the best culinary school of the world (Le Cordon Bleu) and taste the finest pastries where the art of baking emerged from. Indulge in high end shopping in this fashion forward capital or simply stand beneath the Eiffel Tower in awe.

Paris has got something for everybody, and even more for the romantic crowd. If you are planning a short stay in Paris, you can find many accommodations and even some great last minute offers for your vacation.


Le Saint-Louis
This is central Paris at its finest – and it’s a great choice for people to stay in. You can find many apartments in Paris that are in this area. This area has some great buildings for you to look at while you take a stroll in the street. You can meet and greet the locals like you know them because it’s like a small town in its own right.

St. Germaine
This is one of the most popular neighborhoods and many people choose to live in this area especially if they are looking for vacation rentals in Paris. This is where many writers take inspiration form and relax in the famous cafes and restaurants situated in St Germaine. It attracts many tourists so don’t be surprised if you find many people speaking English here.

Le Marais
Also in central Pairs and more high-end than Le Saint Louis, Le Marais many fine dining restaurants, independent ateliers and luxury boutiques. The architecture is a photographer and artists dream come true and a great source of inspiration.


  • Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • The Notre dame Church
  • Montmartre
  • Champs Elysees
  • Arc De Triomphe


The weather in Paris depends on the sea. It’s a windy city and has a humid and warm weather generally. January is the coldest and July –August being the hottest.

If you’re visiting for a short stay in Paris, make the most of last minute offers on vacation rentals in Paris. These short let rentals allow tourists to truly experience Paris like a local and make the most of their trip.